Apr 8, 2024

Steps to Take When Social Bonding is Poor in a Partnership

Steps to Take When Social Bonding is Poor in a Partnership

Steps to Take When Social Bonding is Poor in a Partnership

Partnership Social Bonding

Building strong social bonds within a partnership is crucial for fostering effective communication, collaboration and mutual understanding.How positive is the relationship between the Vendor’s account manager and thePartner?

Social Bonding is one of the Seven Partnership Success Predictors that we proactively monitor with the PartnerScore platform. So, if for any reason the social bonding within a partnership is perceived to be lacking on either side of a partnership, users of the platform are made aware, so that steps can be taken to remedy the situation and get the partnership back on track.

But what steps should be taken if social bonding is poor?

Recommendations to Vendors

When social bonding is considered poor in a partnership, a vendor can take several actions to improve interpersonal relationships and strengthen the overall relationship. Efforts should be made to increase communication. Wherever possible, arrange face-to-face meetings or video conferences to facilitate more personal interactions.

If the Social Bonding Health Marker indicates a trend across an individual account manager’s accounts, then it is advised to undertake specific training for the account management. If it seems to be a specific account issue, then a special account review is required to establish the key problems driving the score.

Consider building an Executive Engagement program to rebuild confidence with the Partner. Encourage shared experiences, such as attending industry events, conferences, or workshops together and acknowledge and celebrate joint successes and milestones.

Our key recommendation is to use the PartnerScore platform as an agreed performance dashboard which should be reviewed quarterly.

Recommendations to Partners

When social bonding is perceived as poor, channel partnerscan take actions to enhance interpersonal connections and strengthen theoverall partnership. Proactively initiate regular communication with thevendor. Organise informal meetings or virtual gatherings where team membersfrom both sides can interact in a relaxed setting.

Undertake an internal review to ascertain if the issue ofengagement is confined to the Vendor Account Manager or applies to otherVendors (e.g. Is there a clash of personalities?) Consider the implications tothe partner’s organisation. Share concerns with the Vendor Partner AccountManagement and take action based on the findings.

Find out what actions to take if any of our other Partnership Success Predictor scores are low or indeed what to do to maintain Social Bonding scores of Acceptable or High in our guide to Navigating Your Partner Ecosystems.

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