How it works

Never miss a beat with continuous data collection

PartnerScore delivers vendors and partners a constant data pulse measuring the strength of the human relationships between partners and vendors.  We do this by collecting data from key partner and vendor employees and process this through our methodology to provide relationship insights that you can act on.

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Always on

Deeper more frequent data collection

Increased response

Our smart data collection algorithm generates high rates of data collection 

Monthly scorecard

Track score movements at any time. Use at monthly or quarterly business partner sessions to focus activity

Deeper insights 

We collect data from deep within partners teams so you hear the views from more people than ever before


Easily change settings from account team to executive view.  Add or remove partners, key leadership, account teams as you grow and change.

PartnerScore is constantly on, built for highest response and fastest results

Example of partner questions on iPhone

1. Short, frequent questions to the Partner base, keeping them engaged.

Illustration of data collection across desktops, laptops and mobile devices

2. The 7 success predictors are analysed and scored.

Example of a PartnerScore report

3. Data accessible to all; leadership and account team views available.

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