Apr 8, 2024

Actions to Take When a Partnership Lacks Mutual Interest

Actions to Take When a Partnership Lacks Mutual Interest

Actions to Take When a Partnership Lacks Mutual Interest

Partnership Mutual Interest

Mutual interest means having a balanced partnership where both parties feel there is a fair opportunity to grow and develop their respective businesses. How active and effective is the Vendor in supporting the Partner’s development of their business.

Mutual Interest is one of the Seven Partnership Success Predictors that we proactively monitor with the PartnerScore platform. So, if for any reason a partnership is perceived to be mutual interest on either side of a partnership, users of the platform are made aware, so that steps can be taken to remedy the situation and get the partnership back on track.

But what steps should be taken if cooperation is seen to be low?

Recommendations to Vendors

The Vendor needs to establish if the core activities are happening according to the Partner Agreement. At a core level the Vendor will need to undertake a strategic account review to ensure fair and equitable distribution of all investments.

The key is to foster open communication, identify common interests and adapt strategies to create a more aligned and successful partnership.

Recommendations to Partners

Ensure there is a mutually agreed and approved joint Business Plan.

Review this plan on a regular basis (minimum twice per year) for any disconnects and discuss appropriate changes/improvements with the Vendor Partner Account Team.

If efforts to address the lack of mutual interest prove challenging, both parties may need to evaluate the long-term viability of the partnership.

Other Success Factors

Find out what actions to take if any of our other Partnership Success Predictor scores are low or indeed what to do to maintain Mutual Interest scores of Acceptable or High in our guide to Navigating Your Partner Ecosystems.

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