PartnerScore for the vendors success team

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Partners have more choice than ever and vendors have more data points than ever. PartnerScore gives a critical view on what is actually driving partner sentiment (good or bad) and provides unique monthly benchmarks to track channel program performance. 

See Your Score

Optimise your partner program

Richer Insight

Reach every partner in a meaningful way every month

Influence program design 

Gain the insights that you need across the 7 success predictor to improve your channel program value proposition

Track partner sentiment

Track the strength of relationships and monitor for global/local trends so you can see if the channel program is working

Competitor benchmarking 

See how you rank against your competitors channel program and identify strengths and weaknesses

PartnerScore app screenshot

Structured Insight

Shareable and comparable data with our 7 success predictors for each partner

PartnerScore gauges examples

Sentiment analysis

Track monthly scores for all partners so you can stay on top of drivers of partner sentiment.

Examples of data comparisons

Compare data

Mine data across all regions, channels and tier groups to share best practice.

Preview of Partnerscore app to aid with planning

See impact of key initiatives and investments through changes in success predictors. 


Coming soon

Competitor benchmarking

See your success predictor scores against your competition. 

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