The Role of Credibility in a Partner Ecosystem

The Role of Credibility in a Partner Ecosystem

Credibility is important factor that can contribute to a successful partner relationship and is one of the Seven Partner Ecosystem Success Predictors that is monitored by the PartnerScore platform.

Credibility refers to the level of trust and confidence that both parties have in each other's ability to deliver on their promises and meet their commitments.

To establish credibility in a partner ecosystem, it's important to:

  1. Be transparent and honest: being upfront about your organisation's capabilities and limitations, ensuring that both partners have a clear understanding of what they can and cannot deliver. What is the expected product/service delivery performance?
  2. Deliver on your promises: follow through on commitments and deliver what is promised on time and within budget. How many leads to they generate? What percentage of their leads do they allocate to you?
  3. Communicate regularly: both parties keeping each other informed about project progress, challenges and changes to the scope or timeline.
  4. Be responsive: listening and acting upon your partner's needs and concerns demonstrates that you value their input and are committed to working collaboratively to achieve shared goals. How may open tickets do they have?
  5. Address issues promptly: even if you don’t fully understand a problem or recognise there being an issue, address them promptly and work with your partner to find a solution. How much time/money has been saved by nipping something in the bud?

Partners should be rated by all departments in order to identify any hidden costs or issues. Credibility is a forward looking metric - trust is seen as the new data.

Discover all Seven Partner Ecosystem Success Predictors monitored by the PartnerScore platform and how they are used to deliver real time feedback on your partner relations, allowing you to identify critical issues and make the changes you need, in order for your partner ecosystem to be successful.

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