Steps to Take When a Partnership is Seen to Lack Commitment

Steps to Take When a Partnership is Seen to Lack Commitment

Partnership Commitment

Building a strong commitment requires proactive communication, transparency, and a demonstrated dedication to the mutual success of both parties involved. This can be influenced by how important the Vendor’s business (products, services and brand) are to the long-term growth of the Partners company.

Commitment is one of the Seven Partnership Success Predictors that we proactively monitor with the PartnerScore platform. So, if for any reason the commitment to a partnership is perceived to be lacking on either side of a partnership, users of the platform are made aware, so that steps can be taken to remedy the situation and get the partnership back on track.

But what steps should be taken if commitment is perceived to be low?

Recommendations to Vendors

When commitment within a partnership is perceived as poor, it is essential for the vendor to takes strategic actions to address the concerns and reinforce dedication to the partnership’s success. We recommend they undertake an immediate Strategic Account Review and focus on the key investments in the relationship (e.g. dedicated partner sales staff, number of brands in the partner’s portfolio, accreditation status, etc..). Determine if these investments are aligned for growth.

It’s important to reinforce the mutual benefits of the partnership and clearly articulate how the collaboration contributes to the success of both parties.

Recommendations to Partners

Establish internally the reasons for a low commitment score by the Partner.  Establish if anything needs to change internally to drive an improved outcome e.g. evaluate the vendor brand strength, partner investments, does the accreditation status need to change? Schedule a meeting or conversation to openly discuss concerns about commitment within the partnership.

Review and clarify expectations, roles, and responsibilities within the partnership. Ensure that both parties have a shared understanding of what is expected and make any necessary adjustments to align commitments.

Other Success Factors

Find out what actions to take if any of our other Partnership Success Predictor scores are low or indeed what to do to maintain Commitment scores of Acceptable or High in our guide to Navigating Your Partner Ecosystems.

Navigating Your Partner Ecosystem
Download your guide to Navigating Your Partner Ecosystem

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